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Senior Volunteering 55+ (RSVP)

Established in 1971, RSVP is now one of the largest senior volunteer organizations in the nation, engaging more than 400,000 people age 55+ who assist with local nonprofits, public agencies, proprietary healthcare and faith-based organizations in carrying out their missions. Currently at OneOC, we have more than 1,300 volunteers enrolled in our program who serve their local communities through programs including neighborhood watch, mentoring youth, assisting with home-bound elderly, meals on wheels as well as many other volunteer programs. RSVP volunteers choose where and how often they want to serve, with commitments ranging from a few hours a month to 40 hours a week.

A study as far back as 1991 (funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health), found that volunteering can reduce blood pressure, stress, improve self-esteem, combat social isolation, and even augment the body’s immune system. Orange County RSVP volunteers reported that their service has improved their own personal knowledge, health and social connectedness.


National (2008):

  • 469,000 Volunteers         
  • 66 Million Hours Served
  • 60,000 Volunteer Stations

  • 91,000 Children Mentored
  • 509,000 Seniors Assisted
  • $58.64 Million Funding (2008-2010)

Orange County (2009):

  • 1,357 Volunteers
  • 220,336 Hours Served
  • 57 Volunteer Stations
  • 147 Average Hours Served
  • 181 Volunteers Ages 85+ (oldest 105)
  • $4.8 Million Value of Service

  • 116,515 Hours served in Public Safety
  • 37,838 Hours focused on Human Needs
  • 36.081 Hours dedicated to At-Risk Hunger
  • 10,078 Hours focused on Education
  • 6,072 Hours helping the Environment
  • $194,709 Funding (2009)

Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsors of RSVP underwrite costs that OneOC must match to the Corporation for National and Community Service to host the program locally.  The  tangible benefits to our senior volunteers include personalized matching services to locate  ideal volunteer placement and position, transportation reimbursement, quarterly newsletters, on-going training opportunities, as well as local and national recognition through the “President’s Service Awards,” special events and  more.