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OneOC Membership Scholarship Program

Organizations, with an annual budget of under $500,000, can apply for a scholarship. Approved organizations will receive a $100 discount from the Accelerated Membership fee of $225. The membership price will be no less than $125 per year. Organizations can only apply for the current year and applications will be reviewed once a year. Scholarships are not available for the Premium Membership.

Organizations will be asked to apply for a scholarship by providing the following information:

  • 1-page letter/case statement explaining their need for a discounted membership price
  • A copy of the organization’s annual budget, if applicable

Review/Approval Process:

  • Membership staff will review the request and budget, and will determine whether or not the scholarship will be approved. Accelerated Membership Scholarships may be discounted up to $100.


  • Accelerated Membership Scholarships can be discounted up to $100 (membership price will be no less than $125 per year)

For more information about Membership or to submit your scholarship request, please contact Member Services at 714-953-5757 Ext. 200 or e-mail [email protected].