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Staff Contact Info

For more information about OneOC – formerly Volunteer Center Orange County – and our services, contact us at: [email protected]

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Executive Leadership

Daniel J. McQuaid President / CEO
714-953-5757 x138
[email protected]

Tim Strauch, Chief Operating Officer
714-953-5757 x137
[email protected]

Client Services

Yolanda Origel, Client Services & Membership Coordinator
714-953-5757 x200
[email protected]


Barbara Powers, Chief Development Officer
714-953-5757 x218
[email protected]


Training Services

Victoria Torres, Training Director
714-953-5757 x146
[email protected]

Maria Lemus, Training Program Coordinator
714-953-5757 x130
[email protected]

Volunteer Services

Ursula Walsh, Director Volunteer Services
714-953-5757 x215
[email protected]

Abby Edmunds, Manager Volunteer Services
714-953-5757 x123
[email protected]

Cindy Braun, Program & Database Administrator
714-953-5757 x129
[email protected]

Sarah Phommarath, Program Assistant
714-953-5757 x150
[email protected]

Maria Lemus, Volunteer Program Coordinator
714-953-5757 x130
[email protected]

Court Referral Program


Consulting Services

Janine McDonald, Consulting Manager
714-953-5757 x140
[email protected]

Business Services, Finance and Human Resources

Valerie Fryer, Director of Finance
714-953-5757 x214
[email protected]


Randa Wren, Bookkeeper
714-953-5757 x107
[email protected]

Marci Tillison, Financial Analyst
714-953-5757 x127
[email protected]

Stacy Brooks, Human Resources Manager
714-953-5757 x101
[email protected]


Chau Vuong, Marketing & Communications Specialist
714-953-5757 x128
[email protected]