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Investing in Orange County’s Vibrant and Strong Future
by Accelerating Nonprofit Success

Every nonprofit is passionate about its mission.  But desire alone is rarely enough to propel an organization to achieve its goals.  With volunteer programs, training, consulting and business services, OneOC helps nonprofits become as effective and efficient as they are passionate about their missions.

Now more than ever, our nonprofits are being called upon to do more with less.  These organizations are responding to basic needs, educating our children, cultivating the arts, preserving the environment, and shaping a healthier future for all.  OneOC is the nonprofit uniquely positioned to advance nonprofit impact through programs that lead volunteers and staff toward excellence.

Join us as part of the social solution to the challenges facing our community members and the nonprofits serving them.  Together, supporters of OneOC can build toward a promise of one vision for a stronger, more vibrant Orange County.

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