List of 2015 Volunteer Honorees

Congratulations to the following volunteers and volunteer teams for being honored at the 39th Annual Spirit of Volunteerism Awards!

To learn more about these honorees and their service to the Orange County community click here to visit our Spirit of Volunteerism Awards Honoree blog and write a note of thanks!  You can search for a specific volunteer or organization to find their individual honoree webpage.

To see our list of Volunteer Honorees click the links below:

Individual Volunteer Honorees:

Hufsa Ahmad, NAMI OC
Richard Amerian, Jamboree Housing Corporation
Joan Ashlock, Epilepsy Support Network of OC
Pastor Taisi Aumua, Full Gospel Fellowship of Praise
Joan Austin-Kaneshiro, Alzheimer’s Family Services Center
Andria Azevedo, Girls Incorporated of Orange County
Jeanne Baird, El Viento Foundation
Debbie Barba, OC Animal Care
Linda Barker, Newport Bay Conservancy
Jennifer Barlow, PAAMCO
Cheryl Barrett, Esq., Goodwill of Orange County
Teresa Bell, Mission Hospital Foundation
Jessica Bello, OCCHC/SteppingUP
Michelle Bendetti, The Laguna Playhouse
Eddie Bielma, OCCR, OC Parks/Operation Support
Jason Billings, Cox Communications
Teresa Blanco, Susan G. Komen Orange County
Bill Blanning, [email protected]
Elizabeth Blum, Tiyya
Natascha Bolden, Jamboree Housing Corporation
Natalie Bonhall, OneOC
Jeffrey Bozanic, Boy Scouts of America, Orange County Council
Bill Braly Irvine, Ranch Conservancy
Cyd Brandvein, Girl Scouts of Orange County
Sandy Braymer, Working Wardrobes
James Bredenkamp, AccessOC, Southern California
Barry Brittingham, Mazda North American Operations
John Brown, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Bart Brown, KidWorks
Melodie M. Burlew, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Donna  Bustos, Greenberg Gross
Dorene Butler, Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Donna Buxton, Jack & Jill Guild of CHOC Children’s
Jessica Candaele, Council on Aging – Orange County
Martha Cannady, Bank of America
Joanie Canzone, QBE North America
Jose Carlos, Union Bank
Libby Carlsson, Assistance League of Irvine
Nicole Carrillo, Opus Community Foundation
Tim Casey, The First Tee of Orange County
Orlando Chacon, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Nannette Chaplain, Family Assistance Ministries
Jana Chavez, American Red Cross
Kenneth Chen, Fluor
Ivan Chu, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Todd Chumley, Cox Communications
Jinhwa Chun, Fluor
Diane Clanton, Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire
Roya Cole, AIDS Services Foundation of Orange County, Laguna Beach Community Clinic & Olive Crest
Sylvia Contreras, Susan G. Komen Orange County
Bob Cooper, Family Assistance Ministries
LynnMarie, Cooper Working Wardrobes
Mimi Cora, Taller San Jose
Merlinda Coronado, Clearinghouse CDFI
Tina Correa, Susan G. Komen Orange County
Daniel Crawford, Kelley Blue Book
Alex Cuevas, Fluor
Robert Cummings, El Viento Foundation
Ralph Curcio, Orange Police Department
Noah Daniels, Wells Fargo Dealer Services
Nikki Dao, PAAMCO
Cathleen Davis, QBE North America
Casey Davis, QBE North America
Peggy  Demicell, Macy’s
Kevin DeNault, OCCR, OC Parks/Operation Support
Virginia DePaola, Grandma’s House of Hope, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank & Wells Fargo Dealer Services
Debra DeSimone, Mission Hospital Foundation
Jeffry Diacono, Bank of America
Kara Dibble, NAMI OC
Susan Dixon, STIFEL
Suzanne Dowe, SBGA
Gary Drabek, Placentia Police Department
Joann Driggers, Cal State Fullerton
Ruby Dunek, Families Forward
Chelsea Epps, Rutan & Tucker, LLP
Diane Etchison, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Melodee Fahy, Assistance League of Orange
Bronwyn Farber, OC Animal Care
Nancy Farrand, Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Teresa Joanning Farrell, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
Ray Farrell, The First Tee of Orange County
Katherine Fay, Fluor
Jeri Fender, Irvine Police Department
Harvey Fetsch, SeniorServ
Diana Flores, Bank of America
Bryan Flores, OneOC
Angelique Fong, Susan G. Komen Orange County
Dr. Jack Fraser, St. Jude Neighborhood Health Centers
Kim Fry, OneOC
Gerald Fullerton, Fountain Valley Police Department
Mark Gabelsberg, Mazda North American Operations
Rick Gaskins, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Mark Gaughan, Bolsa Chica Conservancy
Leeanne Gertsen, QBE North America
Richard Gessay, Orange County Sheriffs
Donna Giordano, Girl Scouts of Orange County
Kerry Givant, Bank of America
Robert Glickley, The First Tee of Orange County
Adam Goldman, NAMI OC
Rich Gomez, OC Parks
Veronica Gray, Girl Scouts of Orange County
Jameson Greco, Fluor
Erica Green, Project Access Inc.
Wendy Greene, Tustin Area Woman’s Club
Vera Gremling, Bank of America
Robert Grimm, Hurtt Family Health Clinic
Ross Griswold, Bolsa Chica Conservancy
Tony Guilder, Strength in Support
Matt Gunderson, Mission Hospital Foundation
Jacque Guzman, QBE North America
Jolie Hales, SBGA
William Halladay, Newport Bay Conservancy
Tracy Halphide, Assistance League of Newport-Mesa
Zach Hanna, Illumination Foundation
Kris Hanna, Womans Club of Fullerton
Don Havens, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Chuck Hawkins, The First Tee of Orange County
Rich Helmick, Orange Police Department
Janet Herbold, The First Tee of Orange County
Heather Herd, Rutan & Tucker, LLP
Rayna Hermann, OneOC
Jaci Hernandez, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Betty Hickey, Huntington Beach Senior Services
Michael Hickman, Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire
Uyen Hoang, SBGA
Clarise Hoffman, Brookhurst Volunteers
Susan Hohman, OC Parks
Bill Horwitz, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
Gina Hughes, Family Assistance Ministries
Rebekah Hwang, OC Parks
Valerie Imhof, Pacific Symphony
Lori Irving, QBE North America
Kim Iseley, The Obria Foundation
Laura Iwasaki, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Mohammad Jaffrey , Disneyland Resort
Jim Jenkins, Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley
VerLyn Jensen, The First Tee of Orange County
Salina Jimenez, Girls Incorporated of Orange County
Sandy Johnson, Cal State Fullerton
Cathy Johnston, Council on Aging – Orange County
Dexter Juezan, QBE North America
David Junco, Fluor
Matthew Kaiyum, Serving Kids Hope/Dr. Riba’s Health Club
Margaret Kalimada, Mission Hospital Foundation
Chance Kamphefner, Cox Communications
Cheryl Kamphefner, Philip J. Reilly Elementary School
Hilary Kaye, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pacific South Coast Chapter
Annette Kennedy, Susan G. Komen Orange County
Shannon Kennedy, Girl Scouts of Orange County
Diane Killeen, OneOC
Kathi Koll, So. Cal Hospice Foundation
Anna Kunkle, Loara Saxons Alumni Association, Inc.
John Kunselman, Fullerton Police Department
Alice Lahtela, Assistance League of Irvine
Maureen Lamb, Project Access Inc.
James Lancaster, THINK Together
Martin Layco, American Red Cross
Joseph Le, Illumination Foundation
Todd Lee, QBE North America
Lyle Lewinson, Placentia Police Department
Valerie Lewis, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
Sue Lookman, UnitedHealthcare
Carlos Lopez, THINK Together
Susan Low, Latham & Watkins
Gloria Luna, Mission Hospital Foundation
Christian Lutkemeyer, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Andrew Luu, OneOC
Diana Lyon, UnitedHealthcare
Tim Lyons, Alzheimer’s Family Services Center
Joanne Macedo, UnitedHealthcare
Michael Macias, Bank of America
Peter Marr, KidWorks
Marty Smith, Huntington Beach Police Department
Chris Masuzumi, Huntington Beach Police Department
Jay Matchett, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Gretchen Mavrovouniotis, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Michael Mavrovouniotis, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Tracy McGrade, QBE North America
Janice McInally, American Red Cross
Kimberly McIntosh, Mission Hospital Foundation
Suzy McKown, Families Forward
Barbara McMillan, South Couth Outreach
Jon Meeker, SBGA
Melanie Meskell, Assistance League of Tustin
Suzy Metcalfe, WHW (WomehHelpingWomen/Men2Work)
Nancy Michel, Orange County Sheriffs
Sarah Middleton, OneOC
Don Millar, Newport Bay Conservancy
Jenniann Minardi, Orange County Ronald McDonald House
Jackie Mitchell, AccessOC, Southern California
Kathleen  Monk, Fluor
Michelle Moreno, Zumasys
Al Morris, The First Tee of Orange County
Robyn Moses, American Red Cross
Awbrea Moss, OC Parks
Craig  Mullin, The First Tee of Orange County
Jeffrey Myer, Huntington Beach Police Department
Nancy Myers Wang, Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Barbara Najman, Council on Aging – Orange County
Lea Nakatsukasa, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
Dr. Albert Nemiroff, Illumination Foundation
Mai Nguyen, Clearinghouse CDFI
Karen Niles, NAMI OC
Solbee O, Project Access Inc.
Brady O’Connell, Mission Hospital Foundation
Kristy Ollendorff, Clearinghouse CDFI
Nadia Olstad, American Funds
Eu-Jin Ooi, Boy Scouts of America, Orange County Council
Robin O’Shea, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County
Michael Page, Rutan & Tucker, LLP
Vicente Palacios, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Susan Parr, Human Options
Ken Pearson, OC Parks
Liz Pederson, Family Assistance Ministries
Ron Pennington, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
Flora Perera, Mazda North American Operations
Denise Perez, Council on Aging – Orange County
Elise Perkins, Boys & Girls Clubs of Tustin
Christina Peterson, Wells Fargo
Carole Peterson, Buena Park Police Volunteers (Citizens Assisting Police)
David Phillips, OC Parks
Phyllis Phillips, Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Donald Piantoni, Buena Park Police Volunteers (Citizens Assisting Police)
Edythe Piantoni, Buena Park Police Volunteers (Citizens Assisting Police)
Linda Pimental, HD CARE
Steve Plummer, The First Tee of Orange County
Christy Porter, OC Parks
Carlos Prietto, AccessOC, Southern California
Bill Pugh, Seneca Orange County
Meehee Pyo, Council on Aging – Orange County
Laura Rakunas, Girls Incorporated of Orange County
Jason Ramirez, Kelley Blue Book
Karen Reed, Mazda North American Operations
Susan Reese, OC Human Relations
Sol Reyes Roberts, Susan G. Komen Orange County
Barbara Rier, Huntington Beach Police Department
Jorge Rivero, Grandma’s House of Hope
Richard Robbins, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County
Ernesto Rodriguez, PAAMCO
Cynthia Roe, Eddie Nash Foundation
Kathleen Rogers, Team Kids, Inc.
Michael Rosoff, Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire
Tony Rotundo, Illumination Foundation
Suzanne Ryan, Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley
D’Adrianne Rystad, Union Bank
Margaret Sabino, Wells Fargo
Frances Saldana, Disneyland Resort
Nina Sanchez, Corinthian Colleges
Rozet Sangalang, Clearinghouse CDFI
Dolores Sarinana, OCCHC/SteppingUP
Bev Sawa, Fluor
Duane Schiller, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Jim Schmitt, Ocean Institute
Donna Sears, Illumination Foundation
Anabelle Serratos, Girl Scouts of Orange County Troop 2753
Alicia Serrato, Girl Scouts of Orange County Troop 2753
Samir Shah, AccessOC, Southern California
Suren Shah, Council on Aging – Orange County
Jim Shaughnessy, SBGA
Michael Shepard, AccessOC, Southern California
Traci Shostrom, QBE North America
Susie Silva, WISEPlace
Carol Silver, Serving People In Need, Inc.
Anthony & Brenda Siragusa, Canning Hunger
Michael Skaggs, Bank of America
Jeanne Slomanson, The First Tee of Orange County
Steve Smith, Roosters Foundation of Orange County
Geronimo Soriano, Bank of America
Leanne Sperling, Orange Police Department
Roxana Spiridon, AIDS Services Foundation or Orange County
Tym Stark, The First Tee of Orange County
Donna Starr, Bolsa Chica Conservancy
Patricia (Pat) Steck, OC Animal Care
Elaine Stephen, Orange Police Department
Shaina  Stern, Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove
Max & Diane Stites, OC Parks
Daniel Sumner, Mazda North American Operations
Miraya Surya, Family Support Network
Chuck & Danielle Swanson, The First Tee of Orange County
Brandon Sylvia, Rutan & Tucker, LLP
Susan Szechenyi, Wells Fargo
Anita Taillon, OCCR, READ/OC Adult Literacy Services
Judi Taylor, Girls Incorporated of Orange County
Michelle Taylor, Clearinghouse CDFI
Marci Taylor, QBE North America
Maury  Thews, Buena Park Police Volunteers (Citizens Assisting Police)
Terry Thoren, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Angela Tindall, PAAMCO
Cheryl Tonic, Huntington Beach Police Department
Fred Trapine, Muckenthaler Cultural Center
Mike Uptegraff, The First Tee of Orange County
Sue Velarde, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
Reni Vidovich, The First Tee of Orange County
Rosa Villalobos, AccessOC, Southern California
Dolly Villarreal, Age Well Senior Services, Inc. Dorothy Visser Senior Center
Dung Vu, CCCS of Orange County
Terry  Waldon, OneOC
Susan Wan-Ross, Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire
Meridith Webster, Working Wardrobes
Lynda Weisman, OC Animal Care
Roger Weninger, Huntington Beach Police Department
Susan Westover Giali, OC Animal Care
Allan White, OC Parks
Bob White, Patriots and Paws
Lynette Wiens, Obria Medical Clinics
Bill Wood, Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Gigi Woodall, Susan G. Komen Orange County
Ken Yamagata, OC Parks
Olivia Yance, Mommy & Me Cancer Foundation
Tootie Yee, QBE North America
Kathy Yee, The First Tee of Orange County
Beth Yetzer, Braille Institute
Dwain Young, Bank of America
Keven Yue, Children’s Bureau of Southern California
Evan Zepfel, PAAMCO
Bella  Zintel, Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley

Volunteer Team Honorees:

Adult Transition Program, Tiger Woods Learning Center
Albertsons / Coast Produce, National Multiple Sclerosis Society
ALPHA Auxiliary, ALPHA Auxiliary-Fullerton Assistance League
Anaheim Homeless Liaison Officers, Coast to Coast Foundation
Bank of America Community Volunteers, Bank of America
BB&T Insurance Services of Orange County – Lighthouse Team, Jamboree Housing Corporation
Called by Love Institute, Called by Love Institute
Carl Warren Cares, Carl Warren & Company
Citizen Assisting Police, Buena Park Police Volunteers, Buena Park Police Volunteers, Citizens Assisting Police
Connect-to-Council organization, Connect-to-Council
Cox Cares, Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Cox Cares, Foundation Advisory Board Cox Communications
Debbie & Sierra Hurson, Miracles for Kids
Delhi Stars, Delhi Center
Disneyland Resort Risk Management Team, Disneyland Resort
DSAOC Book Club Volunteer Facilitators, Down Syndrome Association of Orange County
Edwards Lifesciences “Strengthen Our Community” Steering Committee, Edwards Lifesciences
Edwards Lifesciences Special Olympics Champions, Edwards Lifesciences
Fairmont Newport Beach, South County Outreach
First American Goes Pink, First American
Fluidmaster, Fluidmaster
Food Riders of OCC, Share Our Selves Community Health Center
Forever Footprints Board and Volunteer Staff, Forever Footprints/Orange County Walk to Remember Inc.
Forge 54, Coast to Canyon Real Estate, Devise Interactive, Give a Beat, iMedia Communications, MEDL Mobile, Momentum Dance Center, Playworks Southern Califorina & ThreadsTech
Gay For Good, Orange County CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
GetSet Lead Team, PIMCO
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Greater OC Inland Division of Union Bank, Junior Achievement of Southern California
Hispanic Scholarship Golf Tournament Committee, California State University, Fullerton
HSK Smiles Team, Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County
Inaugural Volunteers, Bob Hope USO at John Wayne Airport
Ingram Micro, Children’s Bureau of Southern California
Innovative Housing Board and Advisors All Stars, Innovative Housing Opportunities
International Educators’ Hall of Fame, Youth-on-the-Move Education International
Jones Day Pro Bono Attorneys, Jones Day
Kelley Blue Book, Orange County Ronald McDonald House
Keystone, Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra
LA Coast FSAs, Merrill Edge
Making a Difference, Senn Delaney
Mariners Church Mission Viejo, Families Forward
OC Junior Roller Derby, OC Junior Roller Derby
OLLI Collaboration, California State University, Fullerton
Patricia McMaster & Sue Catlin, Acacia Adult Day Services
Project Access Inc., Project Access Inc.
QBE North America, QBE North America
QBE North America Core Volunteer Team, Habitat for Humanity of Orange County
SHARE Mountain Bike Club of Orange County, OC Parks
Soffa-Wong-Nassief-Simon Family, FOCUS Orange County
Southern California Edison Bike MS Power Peddlers, National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Team Beckman Coulter, Beckman Coulter, Inc.
The Bansil Family, CAPOC’s OC Food Bank
The Gary Center, The Gary Center
The Order of Malta, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
Volunteers of Children’s Hope International, Children’s Hope International Literacy & Development
Women of Vision, Orange County Chapter, THINK Together

2015 Giving is Living Awards

Click here to learn more about the Giving is Living awards.

Giving is Living Nonprofit/Corporate Partnership Nominees:

AccessOC Southern CA & St. Joseph Health System

Alzheimer’s Family Services Center & Paul Hastings LLP
Bolsa Chica Conservancy & Boeing*
Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove & Republic Services
Community Action Partnership of Orange County/ OC FoodBank & PIMCO
Families Forward &Kia Motors America
Girls Incorporated of Orange County  & ADP Payroll Services
Giving Children Hope & Nutrilite
Grandma’s House of Hope & Wells Fargo
Inside the Outdoors Foundation & Boeing
KidWorks & Nike
Mercy House Living Centers & Western Digital
Project Access & Mazda North American Operations
Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County & Mazda (Mazda North America)
Strength in Support & Mission Viejo Country Club
WHW (Women Helping Women/Men2Work) & UsAgain

*Giving is Living Winning Partnership