Top 10 FAQs

Q:   What is Family Service Team (FST)?

A: The Family Service Team program is a group of 10-15 families that volunteer together on a monthly basis.  Teams are lead by volunteer team leaders who provide children and their families a simple and organized way of building volunteerism into family life. Working together, families have fun while learning about the importance of giving their time, talent and energy to make a difference through-out Orange County.  FST is inspired by the passion and commitment of Orange County families as well as peer connections built through programs like youth sports.

Q:   When do FST teams meet?

A: Teams traditionally meet once a month on Sundays from 1:00-2:30pm.

Q:   What kind of service projects do the FST teams do?

A: Monthly service projects include planting, decorating, and filling, collecting and acting on the behalf of our community’s nonprofits.  Past outings have included Second Harvest Food Bank’s Incredible Edible Park; Mercy House; Illumination Foundation; Someone Cares Soup Kitchen; Community Action Partnership and many others.  Each service project includes age appropriate activities, a reflection component for the entire family and opportunities to “pay-it-forward”.

Q:   So what happens at an FST service activity?

A: A typical FST activity goes generally happens like this …

  • Families arrive at a local nonprofit and are greeted by their Volunteer Team Leader
  • A representative from the organization describes it’s mission and service activity for the day
  • We work, serve and have fun with family and friends…Harvesting vegetables, making blankets, packing boxes of food, cleaning trails and more
  • Families reflect on the days activity, collect pay-it-forward and gear-up for next month’s project

Q:   What is “Pay-it-Forward?”

A: Families will collect donations via special “change” jars that are given to each family at the beginning of the season. Parents encourage family members to collect their spare change in these jars and bring them to each project to be counted.  At the final project and celebration in November, families will vote on which nonprofit partner will receive the donation the team raised.  In this way, children will begin to learn about the value of collective philanthropy.

Q:   What makes FST a “Team?”

A: Teams are made up of approx 10-15 families who not only serve together, but get to know each other’s families throughout the season and form lasting friendships beyond the structured program activities.  Like youth sports, Family Service Teams have the option to purchase uniforms as well as team & family photos for an additional fee.

Q:   What is a FST “Team Leader?”

A: In order to ensure the success of the Family Service Team program, Volunteer Team Leaders are recruited for each team and serve as a liaison between OneOC staff and FST members.  FST Team Leaders are volunteers that assist OneOC in managing the teams and monthly service projects.  A typical team leader will be responsible for direct communication throughout the team, leading monthly service projects including introducing the agency, leading a reflection activity and collecting “Pay-it-Forward” donations.  Team Leaders will have the full support and guidance from OneOC staff throughout the season.

Q:   How much does it cost to participate in the program?

A: Unlike most programs, the registration fee is $100 per session for every family.

*$10 Late fee may apply after close of registration.

Q:      Are there scholarships available?

A: Absolutely, our goal at OneOC is never to turn anyone away regardless of the ability to pay.  Scholarships are available to offset up to 50% the family registration fee.   These funds are made possible by generous donations from our FST families and business sponsors.  Please contact Volunteer Services Manager Abby Edmunds at 714-953-5757 x 123 or [email protected] for more information.

Q:      So how do we sign up?

A: You can register for Family Service Team online:

Page updated: January 28, 2013