Earth Day

Service Learning Lesson Plan

April 18-26, 2015

EarthDay1Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd each year.  On this day, events are held worldwide to support environmental protection.  Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and is now celebrated in over 192 countries every year.

OneOC is observing Earth Day with volunteer projects that focus on preserving and beautifying Orange County’s natural environments.  OneOC also supports Global Youth Service Day, engaging our youth in improving our communities.

Individuals, families, groups, and organizations can easily participate in this national initiative in collaboration with the HandsOn Network.  Join us!

Earth Day

The first Earth Day family had participants and celebrants in two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the United States.  More importantly, it brought twenty million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform.

While social activism was at peak levels in the late sixties and early seventies, legislation on environmental issues was nearly nonexistent. Environmental groups sought, and still seek, to make Earth Day into a day of action which changes human behavior and provokes policy changes.

Today, Earth Day is the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people each year.

Earth Day and Service-Learning:

Earth Day projects encourage service-learning.  Service-learning is a method of teaching that combines classroom instruction with meaningful community service. This form of learning emphasizes critical thinking and personal reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility.

Global Youth Service Day

Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) celebrates and mobilizes millions of young people who improve their communities each day of the year through service.  Established in 1988, Global Youth Service Day is the largest service event in the world, and the only day of service dedicated to children and youths.

Check out this Kindergarten through Second Grade lesson plan to see how to incorporate meaningful service to the community with the CA Academic Standards/Science for Kindergarten through Second grade students.

Kindergarten through Second Grade lesson plan for Earth Day

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