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The Volunteer Center Orange County has changed its name to OneOC

If we wracked our brains, we could probably come up with another 101 services. Another 101 ways we accelerate nonprofit growth. Another 101 ways we help turn 34 Orange County cities and 3,000,000 Orange County residents into one warm, caring community.

The fact is, 101 is not enough. We’ll continue adding more programs and more assistance as long as there are people who need nonprofits. And as long as there are nonprofits who need us.

  • Reason #101

    Be part of our community — Your membership helps OneOC advocate to community leaders, policy makers, corporate executives and media

  • Reason #100

    Save 15% on recruiting — Save on outsourced services

  • Reason #99

    Free human resource consultation — Get free on-call human resource consultations

  • Reason #98

    Discount computer services — Prompt and effective technical and setup assistance

  • Reason #97

    Community volunteer calendar — List your volunteer opportunities on the OneOC website

  • Reason #96

    Nonprofit directory — Share your news online

  • Reason #95

    Online grant database — Get free access to the Foundation Center’s online grant research database

  • Reason #94

    Free online job listings — List your openings on our website

  • Reason #93

    Increased visibility — Get increased visibility in the community thanks to links from our website to yours

  • Reason #92

    Free use of meeting and conference rooms — Hold your meeting in one of our training and conference rooms

  • Reason #91

    Free training coupons and discounts — On more than 150 training sessions, seminars, and webinars

  • Reason #90

    Online news — Get all the latest news and research

  • Reason #89

    Court-ordered community service — Go to the head of the line to get some of our 12,000 community service clients

  • Reason #88

    Board Connection — Your organization is added to the list of nonprofits presented to board candidates

  • Reason #87

    Specialized members-only board training — Quarterly events share the latest strategies in board and nonprofit management

  • Reason #86

    Locally-based fiscal services — Think of us as your partner for low-cost, efficient business services

  • Reason #85

    A place to call home — Want to start new projects or programs without starting a new nonprofit? Find a home under our corporate umbrella

  • Reason #84

    Compliance — Make sure your project’s business operations are in compliance with nonprofit, financial, and employment regulations

  • Reason #83

    Need it yesterday? Just in Time —If your project can’t wait for the state or IRS, count on OneOC to come up with the forms you need

  • Reason #82

    3-Year growth —Revenue for projects under our financial management grew to more than $8 million per year

  • Reason #81

    Grant management — Everything from A to Z

  • Reason #80

    Pooled community investments — Foundations can collectively assess community needs, share information and use fiscal sponsorship to leverage shared resources

  • Reason #79

    Risk covered — Comprehensive insurance included, as well as compliance with local and federal regulations

  • Reason #78

    Accounting services — Let OneOC take care of your financial books so you can focus on your vision

  • Reason #77

    Accurate payroll administration — From timecards to taxes, we cover all the details to eliminate your payroll headaches

  • Reason #76

    Human resource management — We can hire, retain, and provide benefits for your project’s staff

  • Reason #75

    Financial management — From budgets and audits to receivables, payables, and monthly financial statements

  • Reason #74

    Innovation and change leadership — Use our fiscal sponsorship to provide infrastructure for your programs

  • Reason #73

    Time limited — Fiscal sponsorship and support services for one-time and short-term projects and events

  • Reason #72

    Incubation — We help our incubated projects spin off as independent, self-sufficient 501c3 organizations

  • Reason #71

    First time — Learn to navigate the maze of incorporation, IRS regulations, and startup headaches

  • Reason #70

    Outstanding customer service — Knowledgeable staff, advanced technologies, and streamlined operations

  • Reason #69

    Corporate umbrella —An effective, efficient way for your project to gain the benefits of 501c3 tax-exempt status

  • Reason #68

    Mission focus — You focus on your cause, and we’ll handle the background work

  • Reason #67

    Fiscal sponsorship — We can provide financial, human resources, contract, and donations/grant management

  • Reason #66

    Top consultants — OneOC has assembled a highly-experienced group of consultants who stand ready to partner with you

  • Reason #65

    Partnership and collaboration — Whatever your cause, whatever your size, we can help strengthen your organization

  • Reason #64

    Capacity building — Develop your capabilities, knowledge and assets. Become as efficient and effective as possible

  • Reason #63

    Referrals to experts and resources — Stronger nonprofits through mentoring, problem-solving and consulting

  • Reason #62

    Assessment and organizational development — How to develop tools and systems for success

  • Reason #61

    Leadership transitions, coaching — We’ll help you develop and implement smooth transitions

  • Reason #60

    Surviving financial downturns — Learn to do more with less

  • Reason #59

    Experience that counts — We worked with over 60 nonprofit clients last year

  • Reason #58

    Strategic collaborations and restructuring — Learn to identify and develop relationships that will lead to future projects

  • Reason #57

    Social Enterprise — Strategies and tactics to survive changes in the funding and diversify revenue streams

  • Reason #56

    Sales and marketing — Trends, practices and tools that help your organization thrive

  • Reason #55

    Program development and evaluation — We’ll help you create programs that can be sustained

  • Reason #54

    Financial sustainability strategies — OneOC will help you get afloat and thrive

  • Reason #53

    Leadership development — Our consultants partner with you to develop and deliver measurable goals

  • Reason #52

    Fund development — Creating change costs money. OneOC can help you find some

  • Reason #51

    Governance and accountability — We’ll work with you and your board to establish higher expectations for your team

  • Reason #50

    Team approach — OneOC becomes part of your team. We’ll get to know you from the inside out

  • Reason #49

    Board development — Learn how to build an effective and meaningful board

  • Reason #48

    Strategic and business planning — Behind every successful business is a business plan. OneOC will help you write one

  • Reason #47

    Customized approach — Every organization is different. OneOC develops unique solutions to meet your needs

  • Reason #46

    More than 60 nonprofit clients — Large and small, north county and south. We partner with them all

  • Reason #45

    Expert solutions — Work with consultants and experts in nonprofit management, business, boards and fundraising

  • Reason #44

    New trends/innovations — We’ll help you stay up-to-date

  • Reason #43

    Inspiring, cultivating, building corporate leaders — Laying the groundwork for businesses with heart

  • Reason #42

    Hall of Fame Fundraising Certificate — The “best of the best” in Orange County share the basics of successful fundraising

  • Reason #41

    Starting a new nonprofit — We help you build it from the ground up

  • Reason #40

    Legal Series — We partner with the Public Law Center to give you answers to and resources for legal questions

  • Reason #39

    [email protected] — Leadership and peer networks for young professionals, executive directors and board members

  • Reason #38

    Grantwriting — Comprehensive training in our in-depth, 3-day grantwriting seminar plus advanced and federal trainings

  • Reason #37

    Conversations with Funders — Forums to help you better understand what is (and isn’t) fundable

  • Reason #36

    Resources at your fingertips — Sample documents and customizable templates that you can use immediately

  • Reason #35

    Volunteer Management Certificate — Prepares managers to plan and develop an effective volunteer system

  • Reason #34

    Social network training — Training on the newest tools

  • Reason #33

    Specialized, customized training — We’ll will develop and deliver a training program specific to your organization’s needs

  • Reason #32

    OneOC newsletter and alerts — Delivering to you important philanthropic, management, legal, financial and research information

  • Reason #31

    Ask the Experts — If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it
  • Reason #30

    Foundation Directory Online — A robust database of more than 100,000 foundations and corporate giving programs

  • Reason #29

    Expanded variety and quality of certifications — In-depth curriculum that propel your organization and staff forward

  • Reason #28

    Advanced sessions — Meeting your specific needs in governance, fundraising and nonprofit management

  • Reason #27

    Training at your doorstep — Nonprofit and volunteer management, fundraising, board governance and more

  • Reason #26

    Breakfast of Champions — Keeping you up-to-date on trends and promising practices in the nonprofit field

  • Reason #25

    Measurable differences — 1,900 nonprofit leaders benefited from our trainings last year

  • Reason #24

    150+ trainings each year — We’ve doubled the number and variety of trainings available for nonprofit professionals

  • Reason #23

    Affordable professional development — Cost-effective ways to strengthen your business practices

  • Reason #22

    Everyone As One — All ages, all nonprofits, all corporations working together

  • Reason #21

    Community Calendar — Our online “matchmaking” helps individuals and groups connect with volunteer opportunities

  • Reason #20

    Disaster Volunteers — In times of preparedness, disaster and recovery, OneOC connects volunteers to respond to community needs

  • Reason #19

    Corporate volunteer referrals — OneOC has activated more than 3,800 corporate volunteers in service projects

  • Reason #18

    Family Day of Service — This annual day of service helps families volunteer together to support their communities

  • Reason #17

    Take the Lead Teen Summit — Encouraging students to positively influence the world around them

  • Reason #16

    AmeriCorps VISTA — Hosting 10 AmeriCorps volunteers in OC’s nonprofits

  • Reason #15

    Skill-based volunteering — We match volunteers with projects that meet their interests

  • Reason #14

    Spirit of Giving — Providing students in low-income areas with backpacks filled with school supplies and toys

  • Reason #13

    Service-Learning — We partner with OC’s elementary schools to deliver real-world experiences that meet service and educational objectives

  • Reason #12

    Emergency/disaster relief coordination — We are the volunteer liaison to the Orange County Emergency Operation Center

  • Reason #11

    RSVP — Through OneOC, 1,300+ OC seniors volunteer more than 215,000 hours per year

  • Reason #10

    Court Referral Program — OneOC provides courts, probation departments, and judicial officers with community service as an alternative to fines and/or incarceration

  • Reason #9

    Family Service Team — Working together with your kids to make a difference

  • Reason #8

    Cesar Chavez Day of Service — Helping those in need and learning about service

  • Reason #7

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service — We provide meaningful activities for individuals and families celebrating the work of Dr. King

  • Reason #6

    Board Connection — We recruit, train and connect community leaders to more than 30,000 board positions

  • Reason #5

    Corporate projects — OneOC helps you develop, manage and administrate your own corporate volunteer program

  • Reason #4

    Spirit of Volunteerism — An annual event celebrating more than 150 nonprofits and 500 outstanding volunteers

  • Reason #3

    In the community — We coordinate volunteer referrals for community projects

  • Reason #2

    $27 million — Value of the time OneOC volunteers give to the community each year

  • Reason #1

    OC Volunteers — We connected 27,000 people with volunteer opportunities in 2009