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Quick Facts

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OneOC Facts

  • Served more than 650 Orange County nonprofits through our Volunteer, Training, Consulting and Business Services
  • Made 9,474 volunteer referrals to Orange County nonprofits to serve on community service projects managed through our website
  • Engaged 1,357 senior volunteers who served a total of 220,336 hours in ongoing volunteer commitments at 57 Orange County nonprofits, equating to $4.8 million in value of hours served
  • Matched 12,194 court referral clients to community services totaling, 1,008,337 hours in 70 community organizations, equating to a value of over $22 million to Orange County citizens
  • Provided 149 training and leadership forums to 1,924 nonprofit boards, executives, staff and volunteers
  • Provided short- and long-term consultation to 60 local nonprofits
  • Extended legal, corporate and fiscal sponsorship to 40 vital community initiatives and emerging nonprofits

Orange County Community Facts

  • Orange County is home to more than 12,000 registered nonprofit organizations.
  • With a population of over 3 million, Orange County is the third largest county in California
  • From 2006 -2009 the Orange County labor force has remained over 1.6 million
  • Unemployment in Orange County in 2009 was 9.1%, while the state average was around 12.1%
  • About 13% of Orange County families live in poverty
  • Welfare enrollment grew by 13%
  • Food stamp enrollment jumped 24% in 2009, representing 3.5% of the county’s population. In addition, 43% of students are eligible for free/reduced-price school meals – an increase of 8% in one year
  • 10.9% of Orange County students drop out over the course of four years of high school
  • Hispanic students compromise 40% of the high school student body, yet represent 62% of the dropout population
  • Housing affordability improved for the third year in a row meaning that more first-time buyers can afford a home in Orange County

Obtained from The Community Indicator Report, a collaborative project developed by the Children and Families Commission of Orange County, County of Orange, and Orange County Business Council and available at www.oc.ca.gov/ceocommunity.asp.

Nonprofit Facts

  • The number of nonprofit organizations registered with the IRS grew by 27.3 percent from 1995 to 2005, and continues to grow today (www.nccs.urban.org/statistics)
  • 2007 charities reported over $1.4 trillion in total revenues and nearly $1.3 trillion in total expenses (www.nccs.urban.org/statistics)
  • 22% came from contributions, gifts and grants
  • 67% came from program service revenues, which include government fees and contracts
  • 11% came from “other” sources including dues, rental income, special event income and gains or losses from goods sold
  • U.S. charitable giving fell 3.6% in 2009 to $303.75 billion, the drop represents a fall of 3.6% in current dollars, and 3.2% when adjusted for inflation (www.givingusa.org)
  • Nonprofits constitute 11% of the American workforce and about 5% of the GDP (www.dlc.org/document/Quiet_Crisis.pdf)

Volunteerism Facts

  • 20.8% of our population volunteered an average of 28.5 hours each, for $6.0 billion of service contributed (www.volunteeringinamerica.gov)
  • Factors that are related to higher rates of volunteerism: High rates of home-ownership, low rates of foreclosure, shorter average commute times, more robust nonprofit infrastructure, lower poverty rates and higher education levels. (www.nationalservice.gov)