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Fiscal Sponsorship

You focus on strategy, program development and fundraising.
We’ll take care of the rest.

Think how much more time you could devote to the issue that ignites your passion if only those nagging business issues didn’t keep getting in the way.

Think of us as an incubator and outsourcing firm that handles the operational headaches. We provide all the financial, human resources and other core functions nonprofits desperately need, but often lack. But don’t make the mistake of thinking we just provide these services only to small start-ups. Our full suite of business services are also in demand among mid-size and larger community projects, too.

What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship refers to a relationship in which one 501c(3) nonprofit organization, in our case OneOC, shares its tax-exempt status with a project or initiative that does not have an approved IRS nonprofit status.

OneOC is legally and financially responsible for all our fiscally sponsored projects and activities. Projects are not separate entities or affiliated organizations, rather they are a part of OneOC. Because they are an integral part of OneOC and not separate legal entities, projects are able to receive charitable donations and grants available only to tax-exempt organizations.

OneOC fiscal sponsorship provides community projects and initiatives with:

  • administrative support
  • the opportunity to focus on programs and fundraising during the early stages of their organizational growth
  • tax‐exempt status for short-term projects and events

Why Choose fiscal sponsorship?

Here is a comparison between a 501c3 nonprofit, private foundation, and fiscally sponsored project:

Fiscal Sponsorship – Corporate Comparison (.pdf)

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