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Coaching Programs

Organizational and Leadership Coaching

OneOC’s Nonprofit Coaching helps nonprofit leaders and managers develop and grow within their organizations and the nonprofit sector, helping them become more strategic and reflective while guiding them successfully through organizational issues including:


  • Implementing Strategic Goals
  • Defining Outcomes
  • Capacity Building
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Managing Change
  • Leading
  • Managing Board Governance/Relations
  • Organizational Planning
  • Sustainability efforts
  • Conflict Resolutions
  • Staff Development

“Coaching has helped me tremendously to discover both my strengths and weaknesses as an Executive Director.”
-OneOC Coaching Client


Coaching Program Offerings

Executive & Leadership Coaching

OneOC’s coaches can work one-to-one with nonprofit leaders and managers to maximize their leadership potential and support individualized professional development goals. This can also include leadership transition. OneOC offers this type of one-to-one coaching on its own or as part of larger programs focused on organizational capacity and/or leadership development.

Targeted Area Coaching

OneOC’s coaches can support a nonprofit leader to help develop his or her capacity and skills to address specific organizational issues. OneOC’s team can provide this type of targeted coaching in areas such as finance, fund development, or board governance.

Coaching Skills for Managers

OneOC’s coaches can guide nonprofit leaders through many managerial aspects of their job such as clarifying goals, supporting staff development, and gaining commitment and accountability from others.

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Executive Coaches of Orange County, nonprofit coachingOneOC partners with Executive Coaches of Orange County on elements of our nonprofit coaching program. ECofOC, the largest nonprofit coaching organization in the county, draws upon its pool of veteran executives across different industries, offering individual client-focused coaching to nonprofit managers.


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